"Why Would I Pay For An Interior Designer When I Can Do It Myself?"

Many clients understand the value of an architect (“I can’t draw my own structural drawings.”) or a contractor (“I can’t drill a straight hole, let alone renovate my Master Bathroom.”) But when it comes to interior design, many don’t understand the value of a designer’s services. We love to teach about what we do. Because it’s oh-so-much-more than selecting pretty colors!

The first question you must ask yourself; do you have the time required to get the end results you want? HGTV makes for great entertainment but the reality is very different. It takes a TEAM of talented driven souls to create magazine worthy spaces. Our team and network has the experience and knowledge to get the end results you are dreaming of.

If you have the time, do you have the vision? Can you “see” what your space could be? Some call this a gift, but at times it can be a curse…The vision is what drives creatives! Every time we enter a new space we see all the potential and possibilities…exciting and exhausting! But in our opinion, this is where we really bring unique value to every project!

Okay, so you have the vision but does your vision align with your partners, uh oh, road block! Now you are tasked with getting everyone on the same page. Negotiation and listening skills, in combination with effective and timely communication are critical to the success of every project, particularly when partners do no see eye to eye. Not an insurmountable hurdle but one that poses many challenges. We work on marrying different styles upfront. Which equals less back and forth, eliminating wasted time and very expensive mistakes. Not to mention the impact on the cost of stalling construction schedules, along with making your contractors and tradespeople nuts! Yes, you are paying design fees, but that can be offset by the trade discounts that an interior designer can apply to your purchases, not to mention; amazing end results!

Interior designers also can advise you on making improvements that add value to your home. Does it make sense to blow out the entire side of your house to create a kitchen that even Bobby Flay would envy? You don’t want to over improve, especially if you plan on moving within a short period of time. We can help guide you through the process; which (here’s that phrase again) can help save you money! We understand what it means to work within a budget, most cannot afford to do a full house renovation in one full swoop, myself included. There is nothing wrong with tackling projects in phases and stages, as the budget allows, slow and steady wins the race. Wait until you can afford to do it the right way, we will help you to navigate a sensible game-plan.

Interior Designers can also create permit drawings for renovations that don’t include structural changes. What’s the difference between hiring a draftsperson? Well, though an Interior Designer is drafting your plans (see example below), they are also considering the space itself as a whole - the colors, the textures, the lighting, the space-planning/layout, basic 3D drawings, etc. You’re getting detailed drawings from a Designer, instead of having to coordinate between a draftsperson and the designer! Less time, better coordination!

We have a little saying at our studio; “behind every beautiful photo there is a lot of ugly!” It takes a small army of knowledgeable and super organized teammates to coordinate all the moving parts, a huge understatement. The process is filled with endless headaches and hurdles. There are so many variables that we have little control over but it is our responsibility to make it all right. Labor shortages, back orders, dye lots issues, freight damage, weather delays, we could go on for pages, suffice to say, it takes enormous effort and expertise to manage projects effectively!

We also believe that you should invest in quality pieces, where it makes sense; don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. We have trade sources that deliver quality pieces that will last a lifetime. There are times when it makes sense to go with an inexpensive option, there is always a give and take, we will help you strike the perfect balance between the two. We love to blend high, medium and low, it makes for a very interesting space and it certainly helps to stretch the budget dollars.

Interior Designers are experts at creating warm and inviting spaces that make sense both functionally and aesthetically! We feel, the way we imagine your unique space is where our real value exists, in combination with the tools and team necessary to execute the plan. When you combine our vision with a great team of architects, contractors and tradespeople, the client ends up with a collaborative effort that is a huge win, so enormously satisfying for all!


Have questions that you’d like answered in future blog posts? Comment below with your questions and/or ideas. We’d be happy to answer them through our blog! Coming up, we’re going to be doing an exclusive interview with heralded designer, Gerald Pomeroy! We will be discussing his newly finished historic renovation of a traditional 1899 South End Row House, so exciting!