My Partner Doesn't Understand Interior Design, What Do I Do?!

which side of the barcalounger are you on?

Some are driven by an obsessive compulsive passion to create a beautiful home, a peaceful haven. Others just want to be left in peace in their aesthetically-challenged Lazy boy. Which side do you fall on?! So many times we’ve received an inquiry from a prospective client who’s chomping at the bit to get started with designing their dream interior, but their significant other is holding them back. We get it… I’ve often raced home to share a “must have” only to have my husband look at me cross eyed; road block!

There is really no right or wrong but for those of us that obsess over creating a peaceful haven there is no rest until our goals are met because for us, it does make a difference, a very important one. We are not curing the world’s ills but we are taking control of our personal environment in a way that is enormously beneficial to the heart and soul!

Yes, the design and construction process can be arduous, slow, painful and costly; but the investment is offset by the tremendous benefits, not to mention the increase in your real estate value. For most of us, this is our most important financial asset. When you start this process, it takes a toll….your house is torn apart for a period of time while you’re waiting for renovations to be completed and the new furniture to arrive, and though you may be able to see the final end result in your mind, your partner simply can’t. He’s just frustrated that he doesn’t have a comfy chair to sit in to enjoy the ball game.

Our advice: take a deep breath! Your partner may not be ready to dive into a project, just yet. Education, that’s where we come in. We understand that design is a significant financial investment, we can help guide you and your partner through this process. Use our blog to develop an understanding of the process. We will share some great articles for: the engineer who doesn’t care about the difference between a Toile and a Chinoiserie pattern. An educational article here and there just might change their thinking. Start gradually…

We hope you will follow along and use this information for smart investment in sensible design plans. Let’s change the mindset from “how much is this going to cost?” to the focusing on the many benefits. Most importantly remember that you are adding significant value to your real estate investment. The benefits from great design are both spiritual and financial!

And when your partner is finally starting to see the big picture, be prepared for the next question: “how much is this going to cost?” Our next blog post coming on Friday is entitled “Why Pay For An Interior Designer When I Can Do It Myself?” We hope you will tune in…

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