3 Unexpected Ways To Use Wallpaper.....NOT On Your Walls!

Hopefully you got a chance to read our last blog post about our top 5 wallpaper picks! If not, check it out here! There are other ways to apply wallpaper in your home without breaking the bank or overpowering a space. Some are wary of the large floral or the high-contrast Chinoiserie prints. That’s ok - check out other options to incorporate styles and patterns that work for YOU!


We love using grasscloth wallpaper on the inside of a bookcase to add a bit of texture. By just incorporating it within a bookcase, it becomes a subtle backdrop to the items on the shelf. For instance, if you have a valuable collection (sentimental or monetary), you want to show those pieces off, as if they were on a stage. Using a grasscloth backdrop creates a wonderful and interesting “stage”. Using a darker grasscloth adds a bit of drama and punch, while a neutral grasscloth adds a lovely subtle effect. Either way, we LOVE this look!

Source: Pinterest

The image below was a fun one that the Bees worked on, adding depth and a punch of color to the bookcase using a colored grasscloth! Check out more of this project here.

grasscloth bookcase bees knees

Design by Bee’s Knees Interior Design, Farmhouse Update


We love to see wallpaper added to furniture to create an extra level of detail. Designers often use remnants when there is not enough to treat an entire room. It is such a waste to throw away such amazing materials, instead why not up-cycle and create a stunning piece of furniture! Hesitant still? Try adding the wallcovering to the inner sides of the drawers as seen below. When closed, the piece is classic and neutral but what a lovely surprise when you open that drawer. It’s all about the details!


I love this option as it doesn’t require the same level of commitment! We constantly come across great new patterns, and often want to switch out patterns and colors. So why not create an art gallery with wallpaper. Large scale or small, the impact is quite powerful; love those Chinoiserie prints….

Source: Pinterest

The image below is an example of how the Bees incorporated wallpaper into art as a focal point above the bed in a cozy and colorful guest bedroom. Want to see more? Check out the entire project here!

wallpaper as art

Design by Bee’s Knees Interior Design, Inviting Guest Room

Hopefully this will inspire you to get creative and a be little bold, add some wallpaper into your home! The Bees love using interesting textures and patterns throughout the home, and we would love to help you envision how to use wallpaper in your home! Share your ideas and projects, we can’t wait to take a peek! Leave us a comment below and follow us on Instagram for some great inspiration!