5 Wallpapers That We're Loving Right Now

We have always been wild about wallpaper and grasscloth so we are excited to be seeing a huge comeback and LOVING all the options out there! Whether it be a paisley print or large-scale floral, the options are endless. Not on board with wallpapering your entire dining room yet? There are other ways to bring this bold accent into your space. Read below to see our five picks for favorite wallpapers this week and find out other ways to use wallpaper (hint: NOT on your walls!) here.


We have long loved this Asian-influenced style and though it can be quite daring with it’s often large-scale print size, you can tame it by doing a low contrast color; how about tone-on-tone with a neutral color palette such as the blush pinks below? Want to make a statement? Then go with a high contrast color option such as the black and white! Either way, Chinoiserie adds a rich and elegant decadence to any space.


No one puts grasscloth in a corner! Often grasscloth is thought of as delicate paper, something that should never be installed in a high-traffic area. But the good news is, you no longer need to be intimidated by this option. There are now an amazing variety of commercially rated papers, perfect for powder rooms and previously off limit high traffic spaces. Grasscloth adds a beautiful texture; and when used in a neutral tone, adds a softness and elegance to your environment! If you are using the real thing you do need to be mindful of the practicality of the application, we can guide you!


Another stunning option is Ikat pattern. Known for its dyeing technique originally on textiles, it uses pattern textiles that resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving. These types of patterns have evolved into wallpaper, but still gets its roots from India and Indonesia (specifically, the word “Ikat” means “bind” in the Indonesian language). Ikat packs a powerful punch but can be softened by the colors and fabrics used with it (such as in draperies, pillows, and upholstery). Just like Chinoiserie, it can be as bold or as neutral as you’d like, depending on the contrast.


Many people confuse Toile with Chinoiserie, but I assure you, they are QUITE different! Toile comes from the French, meaning linen cloth or canvas. The French decided to depict countryside scenes using a woodblocking technique and hence the style was born. Toile, once again, can be bold and neutral; it just depends on the color palette. I prefer these patterns for a powder room or dining room, to make a statement without overdoing it. But it can be used anywhere!


Finally, last but not least, florals! Florals come in all shapes and sizes, scale and proportion. The rule of thumb is: the larger the scale, the bigger the statement! Floral can be very feminine, especially when using a blush pink. But just like any other pattern, adding high contrast and color can certainly add a punch to any space.

As you’ve seen in each of these examples, the wallpaper has been installed on the wall, creating a large canvas to display these colors and patterns. But there are other ways to install wallpaper, so as not to overwhelm. It can be applied to add a touch of whimsy or just a little hint of color, texture and pattern. Our next blog post will give you some new ideas on how to apply wallpaper in less conventional ways!

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