BEFORE AND AFTER: A look into a chic bathroom renovation

One of the best things about our job is the final photoshoot…albeit bittersweet when you are working with your dream client who makes the process so joyful, thank you!!! We hate to say good-bye, but the photoshoot is a fun wrap-up. It is so rewarding to see everything come together and nothing beats the look of satisfaction on your clients face when they are delighted with the end results!


The bathroom was basic - corner spa tub and a fiberglass shower as well as a corner vanity. The overall placement of the fixtures was not bad, and in trying to save a bit on the budget, we opted to keep the plumbing fixtures in the same general location. But that’s where the original bathroom stopped and the creativity began! We wanted to lighten and brighten the space and give it a spa-like feel.

Working with our amazing contractor, IPI Renovations, and the cabinet ladies extraordinaire at Cabinet Gallery, the project moved smoothly and efficiently. Good design is a process, our team took the time to get it right. Take a look at the complete construction drawings below, done in-house. It takes patience and time, but our client understood that attention to details up front, would make for a much smoother construction process.


IPI Renovations and Cabinet Gallery worked with us throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition between each phase. And the outcome is stunning! READY FOR IT???


Photography by Tamara Flanagan

There you have it - from start to finish, an amazing bathroom renovation! We have another master bath reveal around the corner, this one with a contemporary farmhouse look! Anyone looking to refresh a dated bathroom?! Give us a call, we will help you create a spa like space that will lower your blood pressure while enhancing your resale value!