Before and After - Furniture Edition!

We’re getting a lot of comments about that AMAZING green sideboard from our most recent project. It was definitely a fun piece to work with, and this is how we did it!

So, you’ve all seen the sideboard, right?

high end residential design wellesley

The Bees found it at Avenue C Design. We Made a quick trip to their store (it had been forever since we had visited) and we found it just sitting there! Their amazing space is filled with antique and vintage items and we found so many other styling pieces that we were able to incorporate into the design (I spy the cutest vintage opera glasses, used in the same project for styling)!! Check it out below! And yes - the books are from Avenue C too!)

Ok, so after walking into the store, we immediately saw this sideboard sitting there as a perfect display piece…..It was longing to be sold and loved!

high end residential interior design wellesley

Originally we thought about leaving the color as is and just change the hardware. You can see from the picture below once we got it into the home that it worked with the current paint colors in the home. But it just wouldn’t have been the showstopper that it is today without deciding to spice things up!

So we started choosing colors…..which was hard! We had a few shades of green in mind, but we ended up with Turkish Bay Leaf by Benjamin Moore (CSP-885).


Then we turned to the amazing team at Art Applications in Boston. They are the experts in refinishing furniture (and building custom pieces!) We wanted a smooth, lacquered finish. To do that, you really do need to use a professional. The piece first needs to be properly prepped, sanded, cleaned and sealed. At Art Applications, they have a spraying booth, so they are able to lacquer large pieces. Not only that, the lacquered paint takes several days to dry - but it’s even stronger than shellac! It isn’t the most budget friendly option - so be ready if you’re looking into this option. With the labor involved, it tends to be a bit more expensive to lacquer a piece. But the end result is so worth it! In our opinion, this piece is a showstopper!

After adding the new hardware, VOILA! A brand new piece with pizzazz!

Corbett 6.17.19-5.jpg

This blog article was inspired by a client asking where the piece came from and what it looked like before?! It’s true! Thanks for the inspiration Susan! So if you’d like to see a certain topic in a blog, let us know!