New England and Cape Cod Interiors: The Bees' Specialty

What classifies a New England or Cape Cod interior? Typically these two styles are used synonymously; while New England style encompasses the entire region, much of the style is based on the Cape Cod origin.

Architect Royal Barry Wills modernized the Cape Cod style. But the most iconic part of his work (as with any great architect) is the exterior of the home - the shingle style siding, roof lines, dormers, etc. The two images below, in fact, were published in Life Magazine in 1946 by Wills, showing what he classified as “bad” vs. “good” design. (Source: Royal Barry Wills)

Notice Wills focused on the exterior/architecture portion of the style. Scale and proportion ruled in the great Cape form. But what about the interior design?

This is where the Bees come in…marrying the exterior with the interior design. Of course the Cape Cod/New England style holds a special place in our hearts because it’s HOME! But there’s something special about a home with that extra level of detail; whether it’s a shaker style wainscot or a Chippendale chair.

This is the first post of a long-running series in which the Bees will be giving you an insight into the New England/Cape style interiors - elements that give it the classic and timeless look. Matching the interior with the exterior is one of the most important things you can do to your home. Some of the Bees’ favorite projects are those with historical bones that have been revived to its glory days. (If you haven’t seen the Cape project, check it out here and below.)

Cape Cod Interior Design

Get ready, the Bees are buzzing with excitement to show off some spectacular projects and ideas!