How An Interior Designer Can Help Alleviate Buyer's Remorse

The other day we met with a client and presented them with some wallpaper samples. I should start off by saying we ADORE these clients and have been working with them for years. One of the reasons we love them so much is they are fearless when it comes to color and pattern. So, of course, we presented some bold choices of wallpaper for their powder room.

Our clients were initially gravitating towards papers that were lovely in isolation but pair them with the existing elements, and trouble arises. In this recently renovated space, the bathroom floor is great looking but it is a statement unto itself. Add a dizzying pattern to the walls and uh oh! Let me explain…..

The clients are looking for a pop of orange, check out this fun option:

Thibaut  T5769  TURTLE BAY, Coral

Thibaut T5769 TURTLE BAY, Coral

They loved it, so green light, right?! Not so fast…

This is where the investment in a seasoned designer comes in.

We presented them with three elevation drawings of their bathroom vanity wall with the paper superimposed within the image - scaled correctly.

high end residential interior design

From our perspective, yes the turtle is impactful, BUT what about the placement and scale of the turtles? Does it interfere with the placement of the sconces? Will it bother you if the sconce is just a touch out of line with each light fixture? Possibly. So all of this needs to be considered. Not to mention the mirrors. The round mirror above looks great but it is not centered over the double faucets. In my bathroom I would be okay with this but if you have two teenage girls brushing their teeth at the same time, chances are they will be duking it out for mirror space?!

We did the same thing with the other front running candidates:

Suddenly, by seeing the elevation layout with the properly-scaled wallpaper superimposed, it helped the client visualize what it would look like with different mirror and sconce options. Now as we talk them through all the details they are seeing the space the way we do, with a dizzying array of important decisions/factors.

This additional leg work helped narrow their choices and assisted them with their decision making. Bonus: it also helps to eliminate cold feet, knowing what it will look like before installation. We detest buyer’s remorse, it’s not a good scenario for anyone, we want clients to feel confident in their decisions. There are still more layers to decide upon; which mirror, which light fixtures, the mirror size will dictate the type of sconce and the placement. Not to mention fabric, art and accessories, soooo many moving parts. All of which, need to be weighed out to achieve the best end results.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Interior design is not cheap. Photo worthy spaces do not happen by accident, it takes time to pull together a great looking space that maximizes function! This is just one small example of how that upfront cost can save you time and headaches down the road!

And get excited, we are working on a blog to help you get the most out of your partnership with a designer, what to expect, the differences between an interior designer, architect, kitchen designer, contractor, etc. It’s your one-stop shop to understanding this complicated and (often!) confusing industry!

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