Designer Tips: How To Decorate Your Kitchen Island

It’s the most used surface in your home, but also a blank palette that is screaming for attention. Why not give your kitchen island some much needed love? This post is all about how to decorate your kitchen island! Read below for our best tips.

How To Decorate Your Kitchen Island | Tip #1: Use Herbs

Let’s be honest: if you’re a working mom or a dad on the go, using fresh herbs is hard to do when you’re cramming for a dinner plan. But fear not! If you use herbs and other items in your kitchen island decor, you’re getting a two-for-one. Keeping herbs within reach is not only going to inspire you to use them while cooking, but also adds a fresh touch to your island decor, especially during the snowy, cold Boston winters! Everything tastes and smells so much better when you are cooking with fresh herbs.

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How To Decorate Your Kitchen Island | Tip #2: Add Height

Another way to add instant attraction is to add a little height to your otherwise horizontal surface. A tall vase filled with greenery brings your eye to the island. This is what we call a focal point, get creative and use your island to its full advantage! Designers love to use lingo such as; “create a focal point” or “make this a focal attraction.” Now you know what the heck we’re talking about. Add layers of color, pattern and texture to create a visual feast for the eyes.

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How To Decorate Your Kitchen Island | Tip #2: Use A Runner

When we say “runner”, we’re referring to a table runner but that said some indoor/outdoor carpet runners work splendidly! Polypropylene can really take a beating; red wine and pasta sauce are a breeze to clean. We would however not recommend going from floor to tabletop, ick, designate this workhorse for serving surfaces only! This is a great look when you are using your kitchen island as a serving area while entertaining, clean up is a breeze and adding color and pattern makes for a great addition to your work surfaces.

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If you’re like me and LOVE to decorate, this is an opportunity to reinvent your space at whim; even if it’s just adding a new bouquet of fresh flowers. You can change things out seasonally for very little cost and give the hub of your home a quick and inexpensive refresh.

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