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Cape Cod Design Part II: The Front Door

Early New England doorways were not much more than a few boards nailed up with plain wooden trim. As time went on, the first decoration appeared on the panels of doors, creating a cross (also known as Christian doors, see our previous post). The simplistic panel doors were then elaborated upon with the cornice and transom lights. The transom lights weren’t just for decoration: the early pioneers found a useful way of bringing more daylight into the small Cape Cod homes.

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The Master of The Modern Cape

Over the years, the Cape has evolved into larger, family-oriented homes. Many lost their original simple charm, paving the way for more modern colonials. In fact, many of the original Cape houses are gone or have been renovated or added to to the point that they are no longer recognizable. But thanks to this “Master of the Modern Cape”, we can still enjoy the charm of the quintessential Cape in a modern world.

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