Why hire an interior designer?

An Interior Designer not only makes a room look beautiful, they help their clients by providing direction from beginning to end, saving them time, money and headaches. They take into account the function of the space or spaces, traffic flow, ease of use, proper lighting, finishes, safety and other considerations unique to the space. They help with setting priorities within their client’s budget and have access to trade only resources, often saving the client money. And an Interior Designer does the legwork for you – visiting showrooms, specifying furniture and fixtures, creating mood boards for you to choose from, deals with procurement, etc., leaving you with the extra time to focus on other things!

What’s the value of my investment?

Or, as many ask, why should I pay for an interior designer? When considering to work with an Interior Designer, ask yourself this: if you were doing a bathroom renovation, would you hire a general contractor, plumber, electrician, etc. to do the work? Or would you rather spend your hard-earned time on the weekends doing it yourself? For some people, you may decide you’d rather do the work on your own, and we respect that! But for those who just don’t have the time, but want a beautiful end result, that’s where the Bee’s come in!  

Interior Designers can:

  • Save money by doing things right the first time

  • Save time by completing legwork

  • Capitalize the clients own needs

  • Access design products, custom materials, reputable contractors, and craftspeople

  • Work collaboratively with contractors, architects, kitchen designers, furniture reps, etc.

  • Manage and coordinate work, contractors, and job details

It can be scary putting your trust into a designer, especially for the first few months of a project. This is where the initial work begins, but much of it isn’t seen by the client just yet. What you’re not seeing are the long hours we put into each and every detail; going to showrooms to pick out samples, coordinating with reps to get information and pricing, making trips to furniture stores, creating architectural plans, elevations, 3D views, and other drawings, etc. Your project becomes an obsession to us (in a good way!) and our creative minds are always thinking about them, when we go to bed at night and when we wake up in the morning!

How far will the Bee’s travel?

Most of our clients are located within a 25 mile radius of Hopkinton, including Boston, but we will travel. For clients outside the 25 mile radius, travel time will be considered and charges for this time will be discussed prior to starting your project.

What if my project involves outside sources, such as contractors?

We have strong relationships with many local contractors and we will recommend a qualified professional that we enjoy working with. We are also open to working with contractors the client values.

What should I do to prepare for your first visit?

Before we meet we would like to see a completed client survey so we can get a sense of your style, likes, dislikes, priorities, family needs, budget, etc.

Feel free to start a Pinterest board or collect inspiration from magazines. Photos are a great way to communicate visually your likes and style ideas. Sharing dislikes is also helpful as we wish to source efficiently by recommending items that will resonate with our clients.

Can you estimate your hours for my project?

The project scope is different for each project and so our hours spent will vary. Communication is key; you are in the driver’s seat. Know that the majority of our hours are spent in the beginning of the process (concepts, development and sourcing). There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work happening at the beginning, such as creating mood boards, visiting showrooms on your behalf, contacting contractors to discuss scope, reaching out to reps for fabric samples, site measurements, floor plan development, and so on. Give us a call or email us to discuss further!

What can I do to get the most out of this experience?

Project communication is key; and it’s very important to have all decision makers involved! We rely on email and good old-fashioned phone communication to keep the project rolling. If response time with clients lag, it can affect the project timeline and budget. In addition to communication, flexibility, openness and trust are necessary for a successful design relationship. No texting please!

Where do you shop?

It’s a mix of trade vendors that we have relationships with but we also source from familiar retailers. We order trade and custom purchases. Clients are welcome to order and shop from big box companies and chain stores but we do ask clients to make those purchases directly.

Do you have weekend appointments?

The Bee’s are available by appointment Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm.