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Mary Maloney

As owner of Bee’s Knees Design, Mary oversees all projects she and her team work on—and she makes herself available to every client. Mary's career began at Boston's State House and includes experience as a retail business owner. Her varied background is critical to her understanding her clients needs and what it means to provide over-the-top service. She’s a team builder and relationship manager who makes certain that not only do vendors and contractors understand the vision for a project, but that her clients get the designs they were dreaming about.

Mary relishes downtime with family and friends while enjoying home cooked meals in a warm and relaxed environment. She also loves to travel and explore, near and far. Feathering and altering her family nest is a perennial passion, and changing her front door color is a bit of an obsession.


Questions answered before you ask.


Why hire an interior designer?

An Interior Decorator not only makes a room look beautiful, they help their clients by providing direction from beginning to end, saving them time, money and headaches. They take into account the function of the space or spaces, traffic flow, ease of use, proper lighting, finishes, safety and other considerations unique to the space. They help with setting priorities within their client’s budget and have access to trade only resources, often saving the client money.

How far will the Bee’s travel?

Most of our clients are located within a 25 mile radius of Hopkinton, but we will travel. For clients outside the 25 mile radius, travel time will be considered and charges for this time will be discussed prior to starting your project.

What if my project involves outside sources, such as contractors?

We have strong relationships with many local contractors and we will recommend a qualified professional that we enjoy working with. We are also open to working with contractors the client values.

What should I do to prepare for your first visit?

Before we meet we would like to see a completed client survey so we can get a sense of your style, likes, dislikes, priorities, family needs, budget, etc.

Feel free to start a Pinterest board or collect inspiration from magazines. Photos are a great way to communicate visually your likes and style ideas. Sharing dislikes is also helpful as we wish to source efficiently by recommending items that will resonate with our clients.

Can you estimate your hours for my project?

The Bees can put proposals together estimating our hours. The project scope is different for each project and so our hours spent will vary. We will do our best to predict the time it will take us from start to completion, but inevitably unforeseen events arise especially in dealing with construction and outside resources. Please know the majority of our hours are spent in the beginning of the process (concepts, development and sourcing).

What can I do to get the most out of this experience?

Project communication is key. We rely on email and phone communication to keep the project rolling. If response time with clients lag, it can affect the project timeline. In addition to communication, flexibility, openness and trust are necessary for a successful design relationship.

Where do you shop?

It’s a mix of trade vendors that we have relationships with but we also source from familiar retailers. We order trade and custom purchases. Clients are welcome to order and shop from big box companies and chain stores but we do ask clients to make those purchases directly.

Do you have weekend appointments?

The Bee’s are available by appointment Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm. We try to accommodate clients who need Saturday appointments as much as possible however we prefer to conduct business during traditional business hours.