It starts as a conversation.


Our first meeting is all about talking—about how you live, your ideas, and thoughts on what you’d like your home to look like and how you’d like it to flow. We may even cover your favorite foods, music, books, and movies—we want to get to know everything about you so that we can do an incredible job for you.

The Bees don’t have a signature style (although if you press us, we will tell you we have a thing for pops of color), because we’re not the ones we’re designing for. We’re designing for you.



Present. Listen to feedback. Get to work.


After we’ve had our talk—or talks—we’ll create designs and present them to you for your feedback. We’ll go over every detail of the project and then, with your input, make any changes to our plan before we get started.

Once the designs are approved, we’ll take care of estimates and work with our team of skilled vendors to make certain that the project comes in on time, and most importantly, on budget.

Of course, and we all know how this goes, there are times during the process when changes need to happen and sometimes, those changes add cost and can delay completion. If that happens when we’re working with you, we’ll be up-front and transparent with you and never surprise you with a missed deadline or invoice you weren’t expecting.

We’ll be in close contact during the process, so you’ll know how things are going on an almost daily basis.