The Team

Video by Stephen Matter



Mary Maloney

As Co-founder of Bee’s Knees Design Mary oversees each of the studio's projects and is available to every client.  Mary's career path began at Boston's State House and includes experience as a retail business owner. Her varied background is critical to understanding the individual needs of clients and the intense level of service demanded.  Her experience in team building is essential to laying the groundworks in vendor, contractor and client relationships.

Mary relishes downtime with family and friends while enjoying home cooked meals in a warm and relaxed environment.  She also loves to travel and explore, near and far.  Feathering and altering her family nest is a perennial passion and changing her front door color is a bit of an obsession!

Courtney Kelleher

Courtney’s background is a huge asset to our company.  Coming to the Bees with experience in art direction for fashion and travel companies, Courtney has an innate sense of color and style.  Her knowledge of art and design is a perfect fit. We've been published and recognized by Houzz and blog writers such as The House of Turquoise as a result of Courtney's knowledge of advertising and execution of creative social media marketing.  Courtney's buzz inducing posts have created a huge demand for services!

When Courtney isn't designing, you can find her enjoying time with her friends and family and scouting local antique stores for treasures for her lovely home and our lucky clients!  



Leslie McAree

Leslie brings an impressive background in business and accounting to the Bees.  She plays a critical role in operations, HR and accounting.  Leslie handles all of our financial reporting and does so in a calm, cool and collected manner.  Leslie brings essential expertise and to our team and manages complex moving parts with patience, ease and efficiency.

Leslie also has a designers eye and great style!  When Leslie isn't crunching numbers at the studio, you can find her on the Cape enjoying time with her beautiful family.



Deb Sullivan

Deb is our problem solver extraordinaire, she wears many hats!  She takes care of administrative needs and is the gatekeeper for orders.  Not an easy role and she handles it with grace and aplomb! She keeps the studio atmosphere light with her sweet and charming southern ways.  Deb's many years in administration is crucial to keeping our studio organized.  A seasoned veteran, Deb helps us in innumerable ways!  

When not at work Deb enjoys spending time with her active family, racing between sporting events and campus visits!

Carol Mokler

Our beloved Co-founders, Carol and Mary set out in 2012 with a dream to start a company that delivered top notch design and service.  The two founders shared an innate and uncanny similarity in design vision.  Their own homes eerily similar in style and atmosphere, each sharing a passion for less is more, quality over quantity and an eclectic sense of color and style.  The two birds of a feather had a passion for wide plank floors, old in combination with new and all combined with rich and vibrant textiles and colors.  The Bee’s said goodbye to their good friend and co founder when Carol and her family relocated to NC in 2016.