Cosmetic Makeovers...

Last week we spoke about the “real” costs of home renovation work in our area, daunting, to say the least. But don’t loose heart! If you can’t afford a full-blown renovation perhaps a cosmetic refresh would do?  We have reinvented many kitchens and baths by refreshing solid surfaces and existing cabinetry.  Is it worth it? Read on to find out!

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Mary Maloney Comments
Help! I Have Nothing On My Walls!

Ok, so picture the scene (no pun intended!): it’s been three years since you’ve painted your living room and you still haven’t hung anything up on the walls. We see this a lot - AND we see many mistakes made (picture an 8x10 hanging on a wall with ten-foot ceilings….yikes!). So we’re here to give you some quick, inexpensive, DIY ideas with a bonus guideline at the end about scaling everything properly! Read on for some great ideas, all of them Bee approved!

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The Mystery of Undertones in Interior Design

If you’ve worked with an interior designer, you have likely heard them mention “undertones”. We’re holding up a white subway tile against your white counter and cabinets. We’re saying, “There’s a yellow undertone to the subway tile that doesn’t work with the blue undertones of the counter.” You’re nodding your head as if you understand, but in your mind you’re thinking, “I don’t see a damn difference between the tile and the counter…..what is she talking about?!” Well, here you go!

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